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Anticipatory Organization Learning System - Module 1 DEMOAnticipatory Organization Learning System - Module 1 DEMO

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Estimated Length: 2 hour(s) and 30 minute(s)

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This is a demonstration version of the Anticipatory Organization™ Learning System, Module 1: Know What’s Next. The complete system is comprised of 4 Modules. Exploring this Module will provide a good demonstration of the functionality and user experience of the entire learning system. 

The Anticipatory Organization™ Learning System provides a way to see the future more accurately through a revolutionary type of trend analysis.  When you learn how to analyze Trends in this way, it is possible to accurately predict future disruptions, problems, and customer needs as well as identify game changing opportunities. 

The Anticipatory Organization™ Model has the power to shift an organization’s operating mindset from the default of reacting and responding to changes coming from the outside in, to a place of empowerment by anticipating and shaping the future from the inside out


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Module 1: Know What's Next 

  • Identify the missing competency: the ability to Anticipate
  • Describe how Foresight is more powerful than Hindsight 
  • Describe why strategy based on certainty produces low risk and strategy based on uncertainty produces high risk
  • Distinguish between Hard and Soft Trends
  • Identify the Three Digital Change Accelerators to see both the exponential and predictable rate of change
  • Differentiate between Change and Transformation


  1. Module 1: Know What's Next - Business Edition (DEMO) v2.0 (Online Lesson)
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