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Anticipatory Organization: Accounting and Finance Edition  v3.0Anticipatory Organization: Accounting and Finance Edition v3.0

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Estimated Length: 7 hour(s) and 30 minute(s)


To flourish in uncertainty, you must be able to anticipate what will happen next. You can’t predict everything, but you can predict more than enough to make all the difference. The future is there for you to see it, when you know where and how to look for it. The Anticipatory Organization Learning System gives you the skills to employ predictable Hard Trends today, to shape tomorrow.

Change is inevitable, but when you take control of tomorrow’s market now, you can dictate that change. This Learning System will show you how to shape the future according to your own Futureview—to drive sales, increase organizational performance, and accelerate success. Embrace inevitable change with certainty and confidence, to take control of


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Module 1: Know What's Next

  • Identify the missing competency: the ability to Anticipate
  • Describe how Foresight is more powerful than Hindsight 
  • Describe why strategy based on certainty produces low risk and strategy based on uncertainty produces high risk
  • Distinguish between Hard and Soft Trends
  • Identify the Three Digital Change Accelerators to see both the exponential and predictable rate of change
  • Differentiate between Change and Transformation

Module 2: Develop Opportunities

  • Demonstrate the application of the Eight Hard Trend Pathways to Innovation to identify new opportunities and drive Everyday Innovation
  • Match opportunities to Hard and Soft Trends (both internal and external)
  • Apply the Law of Opposites to find inventive solutions and innovations
  • Identify and pre-solve predictable problems and barriers to opportunities 
  • Apply the Skip It Principle to find the real problem
  • Identify ways to re-define and re-invent: processes, products, and services 
  • Rank and Refine opportunities by size, speed, and degree of risk 
  • Distinguish between easy and more complex opportunities

Module 3: Shape The Future

  • Explain the components and characteristics of a Futureview® mindset
  • Describe key factors that impact current plans using the Hard Trend Methodology
  • Describe how Hard Trends can elevate and accelerate your current plan
  • State the importance of failing fast 
  • Describe how to choose between being the disruptor or the disrupted 
  • Differentiate between informing and communicating 
  • Identify and apply the tools to enhance communication
  • Differentiate between collaborating and cooperating to drive true collaboration internally and externally

Module 4: Accelerate Success

  • Conduct a Time Travel Audit of people, processes, and culture
  • Describe ways to End the War Between Young and Old
  • Design rewards for new desired behaviors
  • Describe a way to apply the Skip It Principle to accelerate the success of current plans
  • Develop a compelling and shared Futureview® and share it with partners
  • Identify choices and strategies anyone can make everyday to become extraordinary


  1. Introduction to The Anticipatory Organization Learning System (Online Lesson)
  2. Module 1 – Know What's Next (Transform Planning) (Online Lesson)
  3. Module 2 – Develop Opportunities (Transform Innovation) (Online Lesson)
  4. Module 3 – Shape the Future (Transform Culture) (Online Lesson)
  5. Module 4 – Accelerate Success (Transform Results) (Online Lesson)
  6. Anticipatory Organization Final Exam (Online Lesson)


  1. Certificate of Completion
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